What Our Members Say

Work Better offers a superb support team capable of fulfilling all your business needs. Bankers, brokers, publishers, lawyers and other professionals conduct business here.

Robert W.

Private Office Member at Wall Street

I honestly feel that having my office here has continually helped my business grow and succeed. They truly get it and understand. In this space it’s not about just your own business but all of the businesses here taking care of one another and that is how we succeed together!

Rosa M.

Private Office Member at Chelsea

After looking at several places that did not seem right at all, we are so fortunate to have found Work Better. It is so perfect. From the atmosphere to the team to the location-- they have it perfected.

Michelle F.

Private Office Member at Grand Central West

It was the flexibility that I valued and now having been at the office for over a month - I can see that I got so much more. Modern, clean and upbeat environment where the staff are responsive and super friendly to me and my clients. I feel lucky to have space at MB in Midtown, it has been all diamond, no rough!

Betty C.

Private Office Member at Grand Central West

The staff are wonderfully pleasant and have become like family. I highly recommend Work Better Chelsea, and plan on keeping our office here for a very long time.

Mykhailo A.

Private Office Member at Chelsea

We have been at this location for over a year and could not be happier. The offices are clean, professional, and very well run. The staff is extremely courteous and helpful. It is a great place to operate my business!

Tom P.

Private Office Member at Grand Central West

The day offices are just what I need for my once or twice a month trip to NYC and the staff are friendly and professional. It is great that it allows me to meet clients and have a place to hang my hat (with WiFi, printing, coffee, snacks etc.) in between clients.

Natalie E.

Day Office Member at Grand Central West

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