PergrinPervesHS.png"Cybersecurity in today’s digital age is a concern for every business. Companies of all sizes are spending more money on cybersecurity in an effort to secure their data and work spaces."

-Pergrin Perves, Founder & CEO | 82sec

For the Shared Workspace industry, 2017 will be the year of securities, both in the cyber world, and in branding. With more and more cyber hacks and leaks comes greater responsibility to provide security for coworking members. And with a shift in trends leaning more toward small to medium sized businesses cutting overhead by utilizing shared spaces, brand security has never been more important. Our trends report looks at both of these in great detail, with particular focus on:

  • How to protect your network and data from hacking
  • Protocol on how to handle cyber attacks
  • The end of the branded coworking site
  • The features of building a shared workspace network

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