The Work Better vision is to fully enable people who have the ambition to overcome great challenges to have a meaningful impact. Our business idea supports this vision by combining a wide range of smart products and services with a team approach that meets or exceeds the needs of those individuals who take their work seriously.

You Work Better when surrounded by like-minded people. Meet our team.

  • Harsh Mehta

    Harsh Mehta

    Founder & CEO

    I enjoy playing guitar, practicing yoga, and taking pictures. Formerly a wicked Ping-Pong player, I also consider myself a cocktail aficionado with a preference for drinks that are strong and stirred.

  • Mathew Pelliccia

    Mathew Pelliccia

    Director of Operations

    I have an M.M. in music and enjoy practicing yoga, trying new restaurants, and spoiling my adorable nephews. I love animals and traveling to exotic locations with crystal water and a delicious cocktail in hand.

  • Brigid Carroll

    Brigid Carroll


    I am an avid runner and musicphile. I have a unique talent for being able to recite the year any song was released or any phone number. I am also a wine and coffee lover and have a passion for football.

  • Kristin Donaldson

    Kristin Donaldson

    Marketing Manager

    Traveling is my jam and photography is my peanut butter. You can find me strolling the West Village on the weekends and hopping into any museum I can find. Also, I am your quintessential ENFP.

  • Ximena Arias

    Ximena Arias

    Community Associate

    I’m a huge music lover and when I'm not singing along to my favorites, I’m reading in my free time (which I don't get much of with two kids running around). Family, food, and traveling are a few of my passions.

  • Chris Van Hoy

    Chris Van Hoy

    Sales Manager

    When I'm not working, I enjoy being outdoors with my dog, reading, listening to music and podcasts, drawing/painting/making a mess, volunteer work, traveling, and spending time with friends and loved ones.

  • Nicole Edwards

    Nicole Edwards

    Community Associate

    I might be your future Geriatric Doctor, so be nice to me! I'm a science geek that loves colors, especially LIME GREEN! I'm a Southern belle city girl who enjoys jazz, family, and making memories.

  • Laureen Salazar

    Laureen Salazar

    Operations Lead

    I am family oriented with a passion for the people in my life. I love laughing and making other people laugh. I also enjoy bringing people together, which is why I love to plan and host parties.

  • Mary Wojtala

    Mary Wojtala

    Community Associate

    I am a native Michigander, so I might be a craft beer snob. My bunnies judge me for the amount of time I spend playing the videogame Zelda. There is hay all over my apartment. Please help.

  • Morissa Morris

    Morissa Morris

    Community Associate

    My brain is full of now useless psychology lecture notes and R&B song lyrics. I have also seen every single episode of the show "Grey's Anatomy" at least three times so I am basically a surgeon.

  • Kenny Silbert

    Kenny Silbert

    Sales Planning & Analysis Manager

    I prefer to travel through life on a motorcycle with man's best friend by my side. I enjoy morning workouts and sunrise runs along the beach. I love great food, especially when shared with family and friends.

  • Eboneé Woodfork

    Eboneé Woodfork

    Community Associate

    I love reading fiction and writing poems. I have recently become obsessed with working on graphic design projects. Chai lattes with almond milk are my absolute favorite. Beyoncé is my cousin.

  • Maricelis Rodriguez

    Maricelis Rodriguez

    Community Associate

    Most dramatic person you will probably ever come across. I enjoy reading and writing poems in my spare time and if not doing either, I'm most likely eating. You are currently reading a future detective's bio.

  • Adriana Madera

    Adriana Madera

    Operations Lead

    My children are my world; they are the yin to my yang. I’m obsessed with “Criminal Minds.” I believe I have become a professional profiler. I enjoy spending my weekends relaxing and eating home cooked meals.

  • Kelly Schulz

    Kelly Schulz

    Executive Assistant & Copy Editor

    I’m only complete when I have a book with me and if I ever have time outside of being with my three kids, I may finish writing one someday. I have an uncanny knack for spelling and recalling obscure trivia.

  • Karla Calle

    Karla Calle

    Community Associate

    NYC girl! When I’m not in mommy mode you can probably find me with food in one hand and a drink in the other if I'm not on the dance floor. I love learning new things and expanding my horizons.

  • David Schrage

    David Schrage

    Senior Accountant

    When I am not guzzling coffee, I enjoy spending time with my wife or spoiling my nephews. Marvel is my jam. I also enjoy the occasional gaming campaign and playing any type of ball is my thing.

  • Heath Blain

    Heath Blain

    Operations Lead

    Self-confessed audiophile. You can usually find me with friends shaking my groove thang on the dance floor or out exploring the world. My Heaven is lying on a beach with tunes in my ear and a cocktail in hand.

  • Lillian Luu

    Lillian Luu

    Community Associate

    Problem Solver by Day and an Olympic Weightlifter by Night. I also really enjoy reading, journaling, eating ice cream, lifting weights, and going out shopping for a nice pair of heels.

  • Lori Ziesmer

    Lori Ziesmer

    Sales and Operations Lead

    I have a passion for travel and enjoy exploring the world. My quest to find the perfect cup of salted caramel gelato has taken me to all 50 states and 5 continents. I am still eating and searching.

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