Erik Izquierdo

Work Better Entrepreneur: Staffing

One of the great thrills of being a business owner is the day you walk into your office and see a team of brilliant faces looking back at you, pounding away on keyboards while doing your bidding. These employees are more than just workers; they are part of a machine, but good ones can be challenging to find.

Finding the Right Office

At some point in our lives we’ve pictured our ultimate office - in fact, an image most likely just popped into your mind. Inspired by a movie, a blog post, a prophetic vision, this ideal work space might be all glass with an Eames lounge chair in the corner or an open industrial spot with one expansive reclaimed wood table with everyone working side by side.

How Video Content Will Boost Your Small Business

As the digital marketplace becomes increasingly visual, the way you present your organization to the public must evolve to keep up. Global internet video traffic is expected to quadruple between 2015 and 2020, and video viewing on mobile devices has gone up

Make Your Meetings Twice as Productive in Half the Time

There is nothing worse than a nonproductive meeting, but it happens all the time. According to Atlassian, employees attend roughly 62 meetings a month and half of the time in session is wasted. On average, 31 hours are unproductive every month because of these meetings.

5 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Scaling A Business

 If you’ve come up with an innovative product that fills a need and occupies its own unique market niche, you’ll eventually need to scale up your business. After all, that’s the process by which your vision will be translated into a lucrative reality.

Work Better Entrepreneur: Forming a Legal Entity

After having a business idea, forming a legal entity and properly registering it should be step 1. It creates the foundation on which you build everything on top of. How you go about this will depend on resource allocation and complexity of your enterprise.

An Introvert's Guide to "Hacking" Networking Events

Welcome to the Age of Networks. Transportation networks have redefined supply chains and mobile networks have broken the link between working and going to the office for millions of people. In the same way, professionals today can't succeed without networking.

Work Better Entrepreneur: Financing Your Startup

We have all thought, “If I had more money, oh the things I could do…”Typically,more operating capital does makes things a lot easier when starting out, but at what price? Most of the time you have to give something to get something and the key is finding the right balance for you.

What to Know When Hiring For Your Startup

The time has finally come: you've established your company and now you need to staff it. Finding the right team members for your budding start-up can be even more daunting than it was to acquire your initial overhead capital, but it doesn't have to be!