Kelly Schulz

4 Powerful Business Lessons You Can Learn From Star Wars

Star Wars has been a cultural staple for decades now. It just has everything audiences like: action, adventure, romance, and...powerful lessons for your business! So check out these examples and then block off some time later in your work day to rewatch the films - it’ll be business research after all.

Coworking isn't for EVERY business...

For many people, the emergence of coworking  spaces has meant no longer working at home or at the local coffee shop. With this change in scenery comes other commonly touted benefits such as networking opportunities and no longer having to work in isolation.

4 Considerations For Creating An Effective Company Culture

As a focus on the role of culture in business performance has increased over the past few decades, companies are becoming more and more aware of the importance of culture. But knowing culture is important and knowing how to create an effective culture are two very different things.

3 Ways Culture is Linked to a Company’s Success

In order to be successful in today’s competitive market, companies can no longer ignore the significance of culture. Whether immediately apparent or not, culture permeates into every aspect of how a company operates and can play a critical role in a company’s success or failure.

7 Technologies that Act as your Virtual Assistant

7 Technologies that Act as your Virtual Assistant

From busy moms to top-level executives, everyone has at one point or another said they wished they had an assistant (if they don’t already have one that is).

So Trump is President, what to know for your Small Business

So Trump is President: What to Know for Your Small Business

Whether you’re for or against him, a Trump presidency means changes are coming. It’s still early in his presidency, but Donald Trump made many campaign promises that, if fulfilled, will have a large impact on small businesses.

What's the Deal with a "Virtual Office"?

What's the Deal with a "Virtual Office"?

An avatar sitting at a cartoon desk, a workspace in virtual reality, or simply working from home and connecting to your company online. Any number of images can come to mind when considering the term “Virtual Office.”

Ways to Stay Organized in Your Office

Ways to Stay Organized in Your Office

While it’s easy to acknowledge the importance of keeping your office space organized, it isn’t always so easy to achieve. Beyond the simple fact that most of us are too busy to focus on office organization, there’s the complication of information coming at us from so many different places.