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Skill-sets for a Modern Day Marketer: Part 2

Read Part 1 (Skills 1-15) HERE.


16. Website Management: Remember the “Coding” section above?

Skill-sets for a Modern Day Marketer: Part 1

Part 2 will be released on 5/11/17, stay tuned! 

This is a long list, so buckle your seat belt. The modern day marketer needs to have a vast skill set for success in today’s digital age. The marketing industry as a whole has completely changed in the last decade with social platforms being at the forefront of communication with consumers.

Work Better's Chicago board room and Liquid Crystal Glass

Work Better’s Lake Michigan Board room has been one of our flagship rooms since the location’s opening in 2009. This room is one of 108 offices and meeting rooms at our Willis Tower location, which is one of the few spaces in the city that is LEED® certified.

Instagram for your Business

If you’re reading this, you either have an Instagram business account or you’re thinking about getting one. My recommendation is that yes, you should have one if your business is at all remotely a B2C.

3 Refreshing Websites for Incredible Content


In a world of digital marketing, ads, discounts, and overstimulation of brands in your face, it’s rare to find good websites these days that aren’t force-feeding you things you don’t need.

Living the Night-Office Life: Software Developers


Whether you’ve worked with a developer or you are a developer, you know life is very different for you than it is for  other working professionals.

Meet our Copy Editor, and why your company should have one

Content is king.

Your brand content is a direct representation of your organization as a whole, and in the SEO world, original content = gold. So, your copy is more important than you realize.

Listen Better: Playlists for a Better Work Week

If you need quiet while you work, there is no need to continue reading this article. If you're like me and need some background tunes, then this article will be of value to you.

We don’t have a Keg on Tap, but...

“The Keg” has made its way into modern culture and modern offices. Many shared offices and coworking spaces brag about their 24-hour keg on tap for members. But we don’t think it’s that great, and here is why: