Innovation and an Optimal Work Space: How One Leads to Another


In today’s modern business climate innovation is king . From start-ups to major corporations, everyone is working to develop the next big idea. With so much focus on hiring key people and implementing new business strategies, many overlook the very space in which they work.

As leading providers of next-generation Chicago and New York office spaces, we’re strong believers in the importance of work environments specifically designed to help spark innovation. We are fortunate enough to see our clients innovate in our environment daily. In a recent study from Steelcase WorkSpace Futures the firm took a closer look at the correlation between well designed work spaces and the innovation which takes place inside them; the findings of which are no surprise to us. 

In closely observing true innovation in progress, researchers identified several key components in the very workspaces they were in:

  • Positive Cultural Influence: each workspace cultivated a positive work environment in which employees could thrive. 
  • Technological Support: each workspace provided all of the necessary technology and tools to complete the task at hand most efficiently. 
  • Supports the Business Process: the work environment itself accommodated the creative business process.

To complete the study, Steelcase WorkSpace Futures conducted a survey of business professionals. Of those surveyed 82% percent stated that innovation is closely tied to their business strategy. 33% percent felt that forty to sixty percent of their innovations are sustaining, and only 20% percent of their innovations are breakthroughs. In other words, it’s critical to the ongoing success of a business to maintain a workspace that continuously inspires innovation.

How do you achieve an innovative workspace?

According to Steelcase, these simple tips can help you do just that:

  • Flexible Workspaces: provide your employees with a smart, flexible space that support individual and collaborative work.
  • Workspaces that Inspire: give your employees a stimulating space in which to work. Consider providing: natural elements, art, natural light and other aesthetically pleasing elements. 
  • Collaborative Workspace: create an environment which encourages collaboration including: group areas, closely positioned workspaces and creative brainstorming areas. 
  • Space that Reflects Your Corporate Identity: be sure and include elements of your brand and corporate culture through art and other visual elements. This serves as a continuous reminder of your goals as a company. 
  • Make the Space ‘Hard-Working’: equip the space with the tools your team needs to succeed. Maximize space by incorporating easily accessible storage wherever possible. 
  • Make The Space Social: provide comfortable lounge seating, dining areas and casual collaboration areas to encourage comradery.

Work Better enables clients to tap into a ready-made workspace that drives innovation.

At Work Better we are committed to providing our customers with truly innovative Chicago and New York office space at some of the most sought after addresses in the United States. Maintaining five New York office space solutions, and one in Chicago, our customers are leveraging these spaces to gain a competitive edge. If you’re currently looking to secure innovative Chicago or New York office space, we encourage you to contact us today. Learn what makes us the leading providers of flexible, next-generation work spaces in both metros.

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