Productivity: Sunday Night Routines from our Team


There are over 13.5 million results in Google when searching “Morning Routine.”  This sounds like a mind blowing amount of content on this subject, but it’s clear that many successful people are early risers with a solid routine. There are TONS of books, blogs, and articles on this topic; however, we think it’s important to focus on one evening routine in particular: Sunday night.


There is a coined term for that feeling that sometimes creeps up on Sunday afternoon/night: “Sunday night blues.” Wikipedia describes this phenomenon, also known as the ‘school bus blues,’  as “ characterized by anxiety about the week ahead and a sense of helplessness and depression.” This blog post should help alleviate some of the Sunday night blues.


We've compiled the Sunday night routines of some of Work Better's key players with this hopes that it will inspire you and help you to work better throughout the week.


Harsh Mehta (Founder and CEO): Sunday nights are all about R&R for my soul. I’m either laying low watching a movie at home; eating dinner at the bar in my neighborhood restaurant, my moleskine in tow in case inspiration strikes; or, these days, listening to some friends play amazing covers of Dylan, Petty, Wilco and the like over a glass of wine at Bell, Book and Candle…


Laureen Salazar (Operations Lead): Who can relate to a working mom? Sunday nights…kids in bed. It’s ME time!  I take a deep breath, count to three, turn on the TV, and pamper myself.  I check my calendar for the upcoming week while sipping green tea, making sure to turn the TV off 30 min before going to bed – this gives me time to clear my mind and get ready to start again on Monday.


Lori Ziesmer (Operations Lead and Sales Manager): After dinner I like to listen to relaxation music (classical guitar or violin) and do meditation exercises to center myself for the coming week.  It should be noted that before dinner I have scanned my work calendar and emails that came in over the weekend to see what meetings I have on Monday to make sure that I am prepared.  When my Monday gets off to a great start it sets the tone for the rest of the week.  


Matt Pelliccia (Director of Operations):  I start mine before I leave the office on Friday. This way it sets the tone for my weekend and can walk away with a clear head to relax and focus on personal stuff.  On Friday, I look at my calendar for the following week - make sure I have all things aligned, review my list of priorities and add work space on my calendar for top priority items.  On Sunday night I take a quick look at my Monday and figure out if I need to get into the office earlier so that I have time to prep for the day before the emails, slack messages, etc. start rolling in.


Nathan Rohrer (Operations Lead): On Sunday evening I like to take a look at what’s on deck for Monday, and make sure I’ve set my week up for success. Once I know that I have a good structure in place, I can focus on taking some time for myself. Usually this involves some combination of reading, writing, or watching tv. For me the best way to end the weekend is with my space clean and orderly, a clear mind, and my gym bag ready to go when I get up Monday morning.


Terrilyn Crawford (Operations Lead): Sunday nights are dedicated for me to relax and prepare for the upcoming week. Before I go to bed, I prefer listening to soul music and the smooth jazz vocals of Sade. This helps me to gain a peace of mind and get me ready for the commute to work. I also like to leave my apartment in a very clean and organized condition before I start my Monday morning. It gives me one less thing to worry about while I am at work and gives my mind room to focus on having a productive work week.


Still want more? Check out this Fast Company article on Evening Routines of the Most Successful People and 6 Habits Of Highly Successful People Before Bedtime from Lifehack.

Tell us your secret for a solid week.



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