Time to Unplug

Harsh Mehta | September 6 | business, Growth
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We all know someone who can’t put down their smartphone.  Ironically, those responsible for creating the content we constantly crave are finally saying, “Enough is enough.”  The recommendation to disconnect and unplug from devices that keep us connected to 24/7 is coming from an unlikely source – Silicon Valley.


The need to tweet, check email and post updates is crossing the line into addiction and is considered unhealthy by some big names in Silicon Valley.  Executives go so far as to suggest uncontrollable digital desires can hamper, not improve, productivity and personal interactions.  One digital leader promoting the pursuit of balance in the digital age is Soren Gordhamer, the organizer of Wisdom 2.0 – an annual conference he started two years ago and gathers industry giants like Facebook, Twitter and Google.


The purpose of the conference isn’t about placing blame on companies, rather to start a dialogue on how balance can be found.  “We’re done with this honeymoon phase and now we’re in this phase that says, ‘Wow, what have we done?’” “It doesn’t mean what we’ve done is bad. There’s no blame. But there is a turning of the page.” 

The issue has sparked a larger discussion about work-life balance. A number of tech firms in the valley are now helping employees slow down by teaching breathing exercises and mediation techniques.


In this face-paced world, do you take the time to disconnect and relax?  Let us know.


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