Innovation and an Optimal Work Space: How One Leads to Another

In today’s modern business climate innovation is king . From start-ups to major corporations, everyone is working to develop the next big idea. With so much focus on hiring key people and implementing new business strategies, many overlook the very space in which they work.

Living the Night-Office Life: Software Developers


Whether you’ve worked with a developer or you are a developer, you know life is very different for you than it is for  other working professionals.

We don’t have a Keg on Tap, but...

“The Keg” has made its way into modern culture and modern offices. Many shared offices and coworking spaces brag about their 24-hour keg on tap for members. But we don’t think it’s that great, and here is why:

How We Survived Sick Season

Question: What is sick season? Answer: Season for colds, flus, allergies, and political stresses

The American Psychological Association reported that the election did a number on the country's overall stress levels and added additional pressure to an already taxed immune system.

Ways to Stay Organized in Your Office

Ways to Stay Organized in Your Office

While it’s easy to acknowledge the importance of keeping your office space organized, it isn’t always so easy to achieve. Beyond the simple fact that most of us are too busy to focus on office organization, there’s the complication of information coming at us from so many different places.

Coworking: Past, Present, and Future

The History: Breakdown

From the factories of the Industrial Revolution, to the cubicles of the 1980's and the ping pong tables in the board rooms of modern day startups, the workplace has been ever evolving. However, if we focus our attention on the “coworking revolution,” when and how did this all happen?

Time to Unplug

Harsh Mehta September 6 | business, Growth

We all know someone who can’t put down their smartphone.  Ironically, those responsible for creating the content we constantly crave are finally saying, “Enough is enough.”  The recommendation to disconnect and unplug from devices that keep us connected to 24/7 is coming from an unlikely source – Silicon Valley.