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It’s All About the Amenities, Baby!

Coworking has Never Been so Sweet

You’re sitting in first class on a 5-star airline and the bar cart rolls around. You have two options: take advantage of the unlimited adult beverages or get your..

February 15
Robert Coles

Hub, at Work Better: Your Coworking Solution

When it comes to coworking in New York, your options are endless. In fact, Work Better is just one of many in the long list of spaces in Coworking NYC – The definitive list & guide to spaces 2017..

January 19
Kristin Donaldson

Design Better: Kittleman & Associates in Work Better Chicago

Designing a fully functioning office space for a team of more than 10 people isn’t always easy, but Megan Lewis of Kittleman & Associates, a recruitment firm that places executives at non-profits,..

January 18
Robert Coles

Traditional Vs. Shared Office Space

We all hate to move. It’s inevitably the worst experience in one’s adult life. Whether it’s a business move or a personal move, Health Status listed it as one of the top three stresses of life next

January 12
Patrick Reynolds