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Top 5 Plants to Clean Office Air


Office spaces are historically stuffy, bathed in fluorescent light, and smell like paper and coffee. Over the last two decades, researchers and psychologists have proven that productivity in the..

January 24
Kristin Donaldson

Hub, at Work Better: Your Coworking Solution

When it comes to coworking in New York, your options are endless. In fact, Work Better is just one of many in the long list of spaces in Coworking NYC – The definitive list & guide to spaces 2017..

January 19
Kristin Donaldson

A Coffee with HRS in New York

Travelers far and wide know: Finding a truly user-friendly hotel reservation system is like a virtual game of hide-and-seek, minus the fun. Sometimes, this phenomenon is especially true for..

April 22
Amanda Zantal-Wiener