4 Powerful Business Lessons You Can Learn From Star Wars

Star Wars has been a cultural staple for decades now. It just has everything audiences like: action, adventure, romance, and...powerful lessons for your business! So check out these examples and then block off some time later in your work day to rewatch the films - it’ll be business research after all.

Fostering Collaboration in the Workplace

Just as we have seen major changes in social and information trends in recent years, we have also seen major changes in modern work place culture. As the information age progresses corporations have identified the great need for collaboration among their employees.

So Trump is President, what to know for your Small Business

So Trump is President: What to Know for Your Small Business

Whether you’re for or against him, a Trump presidency means changes are coming. It’s still early in his presidency, but Donald Trump made many campaign promises that, if fulfilled, will have a large impact on small businesses.

Work Better Entrepreneur: Staffing

One of the great thrills of being a business owner is the day you walk into your office and see a team of brilliant faces looking back at you, pounding away on keyboards while doing your bidding. These employees are more than just workers; they are part of a machine, but good ones can be challenging to find.

Top Chelsea Happy Hours You'll Love

It’s Thursday night and you’re just getting off work in Chelsea, Manhattan. There is no better night for Happy Hour with coworkers than Thursday night when you get to celebrate “almost Friday” (as long as there are no 7am meetings the next day).

Top 5 Plants to Clean Office Air


Office spaces are historically stuffy, bathed in fluorescent light, and smell like paper and coffee. Over the last two decades, researchers and psychologists have proven that productivity in the workplace can increase along with air quality.

Hub, at Work Better: Your Coworking Solution

When it comes to coworking in New York, your options are endless. In fact, Work Better is just one of many in the long list of spaces in Coworking NYC – The definitive list & guide to spaces 2017 published by Croissant.

Traditional Vs. Shared Office Space

We all hate to move. It’s inevitably the worst experience in one’s adult life. Whether it’s a business move or a personal move, Health Status listed it as one of the top three stresses of life next to having a child and buying a house. Moving, a short term process, is equally as stressful as an 18 year commitment to a child and a mortgage.

A Coffee with HRS in New York

Travelers far and wide know: Finding a truly user-friendly hotel reservation system is like a virtual game of hide-and-seek, minus the fun. Sometimes, this phenomenon is especially true for business travelers, who know that, while on the road, the last thing we want to deal with is an unpleasant lodging experience.