Finding the Right Office

At some point in our lives we’ve pictured our ultimate office - in fact, an image most likely just popped into your mind. Inspired by a movie, a blog post, a prophetic vision, this ideal work space might be all glass with an Eames lounge chair in the corner or an open industrial spot with one expansive reclaimed wood table with everyone working side by side.

Top 5 Plants to Clean Office Air


Office spaces are historically stuffy, bathed in fluorescent light, and smell like paper and coffee. Over the last two decades, researchers and psychologists have proven that productivity in the workplace can increase along with air quality.

5 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Scaling A Business

 If you’ve come up with an innovative product that fills a need and occupies its own unique market niche, you’ll eventually need to scale up your business. After all, that’s the process by which your vision will be translated into a lucrative reality.