We don’t have a Keg on Tap, but...

“The Keg” has made its way into modern culture and modern offices. Many shared offices and coworking spaces brag about their 24-hour keg on tap for members. But we don’t think it’s that great, and here is why:

Finding the Right Office

At some point in our lives we’ve pictured our ultimate office - in fact, an image most likely just popped into your mind. Inspired by a movie, a blog post, a prophetic vision, this ideal work space might be all glass with an Eames lounge chair in the corner or an open industrial spot with one expansive reclaimed wood table with everyone working side by side.

Part 2: How to maximize productivity in your small office space

Part 2:  Personalization/Lifestyle

When working, especially a shared space, it is important to personalize your workstation and/or office space.  When we create a space that represents our individual personalities, we are more comfortable in our setting and therefore more productive throughout the day.  

Ways to Stay Organized in Your Office

Ways to Stay Organized in Your Office

While it’s easy to acknowledge the importance of keeping your office space organized, it isn’t always so easy to achieve. Beyond the simple fact that most of us are too busy to focus on office organization, there’s the complication of information coming at us from so many different places.

Coworking: Past, Present, and Future

The History: Breakdown

From the factories of the Industrial Revolution, to the cubicles of the 1980's and the ping pong tables in the board rooms of modern day startups, the workplace has been ever evolving. However, if we focus our attention on the “coworking revolution,” when and how did this all happen?

Make Your Meetings Twice as Productive in Half the Time

There is nothing worse than a nonproductive meeting, but it happens all the time. According to Atlassian, employees attend roughly 62 meetings a month and half of the time in session is wasted. On average, 31 hours are unproductive every month because of these meetings.

Work Better Entrepreneur: Forming a Legal Entity

After having a business idea, forming a legal entity and properly registering it should be step 1. It creates the foundation on which you build everything on top of. How you go about this will depend on resource allocation and complexity of your enterprise.

Shared Office Space Vs. Coworking Space

It's 2016 and the concept of a traditional office has gone out the door. With millions of startups in the US looking for a place to work, the office space industry has plenty of options to help entrepreneurs out of their home offices and into a professional workspace.

5 Ways Coworking Spaces Save You Time & Money

 As an entrepreneur, you're faced with plenty of tough, important decisions all the time. One of the biggest decisions you'll face is where you and your employees will be working. There are plenty of options in metropolitan areas and finding the perfect office can be daunting simply due to the vast amount of options available.