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Tax-Loss Harvesting in Inclement Markets

Blog categories: Investment Management, Tax Planning

In some alternate universe, there may be markets where nobody ever experiences any loss and every investment just keeps growing, 24x7. In our..

February 3
Guest Contributor

Hub, at Work Better: Your Coworking Solution

When it comes to coworking in New York, your options are endless. In fact, Work Better is just one of many in the long list of spaces in Coworking NYC – The definitive list & guide to spaces 2017..

January 19
Kristin Donaldson

Work Better Entrepreneur: Forming a Legal Entity

After having a business idea, forming a legal entity and properly registering it should be step 1. It creates the foundation on which you build everything on top of. How you go about this will..

October 31
Erik Izquierdo

Work Better Entrepreneur: Financing Your Startup

We have all thought, “If I had more money, oh the things I could do…”Typically,more operating capital does makes things a lot easier when starting out, but at what price? Most of the time you..

October 19
Erik Izquierdo