• What is Work Better?

    We operate work environments that inspire, enable and connect entrepreneurs, innovators and positive-change makers. We currently do this through 6 collaborative workspace locations in New York and Chicago, and we will soon launch additional technology-enabled services designed to help the world work better.

    What is the meaning of the heart in the logo?

    Well, everything is just a little bit better with some heart in it. So, work with heart and Work Better…

    What is included with membership?

    Everything you need to work faster, smarter, stronger, bigger, cooler and better. All our workspaces are designed to maximize our members’ productivity and come equipped with super-fast Internet, all you can drink (and amazing) coffee, meeting rooms, and a wonderful support team. All of this and access to our member community for a simple all-inclusive price.

    Where can I Work Better?

    We serve members around the world through our 5 workspaces in New York City and 1 workspace in Chicago’s Willis Tower. Stay tuned as we hope to announce new locations in the near future.

    I’d like to visit your locations. Am I able to stop in for a tour?

    We are proud of what we have built and we love to show it off. A tour will take approximately 30 mins and we encourage you to schedule one by emailing join@workbetter.us or calling us at 888.676.1297. When we know you are coming, we are able to personalize the tour to you so you can see exactly how we can help you work better.

    How soon can I get started?

    With our all-inclusive packages, most new members are able to get started the same day that they sign up.